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Politics in America have changed forever. We have reached a critical point in our history; on one hand, our country has reached levels of wealth inequality not seen since the pre-Depression late 1920’s. On the other, we are in the midst of a fundamental shift in our political climate, borne by the enthusiasm of young and previously disenfranchised Americans. We must seize the moment before us, and I am the right candidate to do so.

"This isn't about finding the middle ground anymore. This is about people, not corporations, living and dying. We need a Congress that represents us."

True Representation Begins With Shared Experiences.

I am a young, working woman. I live the same life as my constituents; I have to rebalance my finances every year as living gets more expensive. I have to sit too long in traffic, go to work when I’m not feeling well, and worry about my healthcare, my student loans, and my economic future. I will never forget where I come from and who I serve:  the regular Americans, and not giant corporations. I felt the recession in 2008. My family was forced to move, leaving me on my own at the age of 17, new to Washington state and rapidly building student debt. I worked in direct proximity to the devastation our economy faced as a foreclosure relief specialist, a paralegal, and a bodily insurance adjuster. Faced with the constant struggle of everyday people like myself, I was drawn to activism, from volunteer work with Planned Parenthood to direct support for immigrant families and even a women’s STEM conference. We have so many opportunities to improve our society, and I will be able to get right to work for you because I will owe favors to nobody.

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Congress Will Never Represent Us While Bribery Is Legal

Before we can accomplish anything for the regular people, we must end the corrupting influence of money in politics. I know, just like 93% of Americans, that our government does not really belong to us if a corporation or super-wealthy individual signs our representatives’ paycheck. That’s why I promise not to take a dime of corporate or super PAC money, now or ever. I also intend to introduce legislation to ban members of Congress from lobbying firms for 7 years after they leave office, establish transparent, and public financing of elections. I and progressives like me will end legalized bribery, in order to restore true democracy to the American people. From workers’ rights and livable wages to criminal justice reform and so much more, I offer real solutions for real people.

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A Platform for the People

End Corruption

Super PACs take the power away from the people and give it to corporations and the wealthy. Private donations to politicians and campaigns should be banned and a clean public financing system must be implemented to end the takeover of our government by billionaires. Americans deserve free and fair elections . The Supreme Court has effectively legalized bribery. It’s time for an Article 5 convention to take our Democracy back from the oligarchy of the wealthy, and it's time to give power back to the people.

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Build the Energy System of the Future

The world’s climate is changing; there is overwhelming evidence that without drastic action, we have already compromised our future ability to produce food and sustain wild populations of plants and animals. We must address systemic causes of climate change with urgency. I support a Green New Deal, which will provide tremendous employment opportunities for Americans at all levels of education while re-establishing the U.S. as a global leader in the fight against climate change.

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Guarantee Healthcare to Everyone

For-profit healthcare has created inequality in quality of care, excluded the most vulnerable from the system, and enabled pharmaceutical-centric healthcare models to dominate the medical field. Not every problem we face has an easy fix; this one does! From my first day in office, I will co-sponsor the current incarnation of a Medicare for All bill to ensure no American ever has to worry about healthcare again.

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End Wars

If you’re a Millennial like me, you’ve probably never lived in an America at peace. We spend more on our military than the next 8 countries combined, yet necessary social safety nets for everyday Americans continue to make their way to the chopping block. This is outrageous, and demands immediate action. I will fight tooth and nail to make sure we stop interventionism, re-assert Congress’s exclusively enumerated power to declare war, cut wasteful military spending, and prioritize the needs of the people.

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Lift The Burden Of Student Debt

The total student loan debt of our country now exceeds all credit card debt. Combined with 45 years of wage stagnation, rapidly increasing cost-of-living, and a workforce that is retiring later, we have saddled an entire generation with a big, ugly economic anchor. This is why I support tuition-free public colleges and universities, and immediate, proactive effort to relieve the massive hindrance to our young workers with student loans.

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Raise the Minimum Wage

The wages of America’s working people are not keeping pace with the economic value they produce. The economic data is in: that growth has gone straight into the pockets of corporate executives. It’s time for a change. I support a $15 federal minimum wage, tied to inflation, as a good corrective measure for our workers. We cannot expect the people who cook our food, care for our children, and staff the stores in our communities to live on starvation wages; the wealthiest nation on Earth can do better.

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